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Meet Cristobal Mondragon and Dalton Ousley; founders of 7Figure Cleaners

Cristobal Mondragon - 7FC

Cristobal Mondragon

Hola! I'm Cristobal Mondragon, from Michoacan to Seattle, a father and husband who turned a leap of faith into a thriving cleaning business with my wife, Sandra.

From various jobs to launching Bumble Bee Cleaning in 2015, we've grown it to over $6M in sales, embodying the American dream.

Now, I aim to inspire others to seize control of their futures through entrepreneurship. Let's embark on this journey together and achieve success!

Cristobal Mondragon - 7FC
Dalton Ousley - 7FC

Dalton Ousley

Hi, I'm Dalton Ousley - co-founder of 7Figure Cleaners! I Combine my passion for entrepreneurship with a deep commitment to my family life as a devoted husband to my wife Emily and my daughter, Peyton.

I love guiding entrepreneurs through transformative journeys by leveraging my extensive experience in automation, systems, and artificial intelligence to empower cleaning business professionals.

My love for the outdoors drives me to explore the vast backcountry of Colorado, finding inspiration and balance between my professional endeavors and personal adventures.




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